The Name
During the ancient times, Fourni island complex was called ‘Korasioi islands’. This name was given by Agaios from Arcadia king of Samos . Agaios, after a dispute with his father, migrated first to Kefalonia and then, after a divination of Apollo, went to Samos bringing many settlers with him. He got married and had many children among which was Samos who later became king and had many children too. He gave Fourni as a present to his daughters and that gave tha island its name (Korasia = girls).
In 1537 B. Bordone a Venetian geographer, refers to the islands of Fourni complex as ‘Fornelli’ which means small ovens, probably because of the concave shape of the port which was a safe haven for ships. There are many other names in maps drawn during the middle ages, such as ‘Melanthi’ and ‘Fortiole’.